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What does it all mean?

It is now the summer of my freshman year at university. In other words, I will be a sophomore in the fall of 2000. After two semester's worth of classes, I'm filled with more questions than when I began paying out thousands of dollars a year to continue my education. (I find that Peter, my brother, also has some very interesting views on life, humanity, and the internet.) I'm not arguing against this finding and in fact am looking forward to discovering more difficult, if not impossible, to answer questions throughout the next 3 years of my learning.

In searching over the web, one finds people displaying information that is questionable in verification, information that has been stolen and reproduced, and generally a lot of idiots vying for the attention of other idiots looking to replicate and reproduce what they find, wether what they find is true or not. I'm attempting not to do that. You're welcome.

© 2000 Adam Wall